Predatory mite


Stratiolaelaps scimitus

Effective against fungus gnats, thrips pupae and European pepper moth

The product


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What does ENTOMITE-M look like?

ENTOMITE-M contains fairly large predatory mites (up to 1 mm) with a brown body and brown legs. The youngest stages are white in color. The female has a white stripe on the back of the body. Males are smaller than females. The predatory mites can be seen in the top layer of the soil and around the plant base. They move very quickly through the soil.

How does ENTOMITE-M work?

The predatory mites feed on eggs, larvae and pupae of sciarid flies (fungus gnats). They have a preference for smaller larvae. ENTOMITE-M is especially effective in the top layer of the soil.

ENTOMITE-M Stratiolaelaps scimitus
When can ENTOMITE-M be applied?

ENTOMITE-M is used to control sciarid eggs, larvae and pupae, but other bottom-dwelling insects such as springtails, thrips pupae, nematodes and eggs of Duponchelia fovealis are also predated on. Be aware of repeated introductions. The product is sensitive to various chemical crop protection agents. Ask advice for deployment strategy.

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