Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Effective against black vine weevil, armadillo weevil, garden chafer and cockchafer

The product


What does LARVANEM look like? 

The product LARVANEM contains entomopathogenic (= lethal to insects) nematodes in the third larval stage. The nematodes are 0.5-0.6 mm in size and not visible with the naked eye. Most stages develop inside the host. Beetle larvae infected with LARVANEM nematodes change colour from pink to red or even brown. The insect liquifies and cannot be traced. The nematodes are packed inside a gel which can easily be dissolved in water.  

How does LARVANEM work? 

LARVANEM can be used to control larvae and pupae of various beetle species, including black vine weevil and armadillo weevil. It is important to determine the exact beetle species. The nematodes enter the host body through body openings or the skin. The gut of the nematodes contains bacteria that are released in the host. The bacteria kill the host by blood poisoning. Afterwards, the insect is turned in to food for the nematode. Nematode population development is influenced by soil conditions, temperature and moisture. The number of nematodes in the soil can only grow when enough hosts are available. 

When can LARVANEM be applied? 

LARVANEM is mainly applied in tree nurseries and public- and private gardens. The soil should be between 14°C and 33°C and moist. The product only kills beetle larvae and pupae in the soil and not the adult beetles that eat from above-ground plant parts. The product should be used when larvae and pupae are present in the soil, which is in late spring and early summer. Application of LARVANEM can be combined with ENTONEM. ENTONEM only affects larvae and is, for that reason, best used in spring (March and April)The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 

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