Aphidius ervi

Effective against foxglove aphid, yellow rose aphid and potato aphid

The product


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What does ERVIPAR look like? 

ERVIPAR contains individuals of the parasitoid Aphidius erviThe female parasitoid is black and has light brown legs and a pointed abdomen which is the same length as the wings. The males have slightly longer antennaedark brown legs and a rounded abdomen which is shorter than the wings. Aphidius ervi (ERVIPAR) is approximately twice the size of Aphidius colemani (APHIPAR)A parasitized aphid bulges and turns in a gold coloured mummy. An adult parasitoid emerges from the mummy through a round lid.  

ERVIPAR Aphidius ervi attacking
ERVIPAR parasitizing an aphid
ERVIPAR Aphidius ervi pupa
How does ERVIPAR work? 

Aphidius ervi is, like Aphidius colemania good searcher, which results in good parasitism rates at low aphid densities. Parasitoid population development can be hampered in summer and late summer by hyperparasitism. Hyperparasitoids are parasitoids that parasitize pupae of other parasitoid species, like Aphidius. 

When can ERVIPAR be applied? 

ERVIPAR is mainly used to control foxglove aphid and potato aphid in greenhouses and indoor plantings. ERVIPAR is suitable to control starting aphid populations. The product can be used in combination with other aphid controllerssuch as PROPYLEA, ADALIA and APHIDEND. Distribute the content of the container and leave it for a minimum of one week. Consider multiple introductions. The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 

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