Chrysoperla carnea

Effective against all aphid species

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What does CHRYSOPA look like? 

CHRYSOPA contains larvae of the lacewing Chrysoperla carnaeAdult lacewings are 23-30 mm in size and have a slim yellow-green body. They have large, lightly veined wings. The eggs are deposited on translucent stalks and are green-white to whiteThe larvae have large jaws and well-developed legs. Larvae are cream coloured with two brown bands across the body. The final larval stage pupates into a round white cocoon. Remains of attacked aphids are difficult to find, because they are fully shriveled. 

CHRYSOPA Chrysoperla carnea larve
CHRYSOPA Chrysoperla carnea adult
Adult lacewing CHRYSOPA
How does CHRYSOPA work? 

The product CHRYSOPA contains lacewing larvae. They prefer to eat aphids, but can also eat other insects and mites, including beneficial species. Adult lacewing feed on pollen, nectar and honeydew. The larvae are nocturnal and hide underneath the plant during the day. Larvae hunt by grappling prey and injecting them with saliva which helps with the digestion. After this process, the contents of the prey is eaten. A larva can eat on average 300-400 aphids of different sizes. 

When can CHRYSOPA be applied? 

CHRYSOPA is used against aphids both indoor, in greenhouses and indoor plantings, and outdoors in public green. CHRYSOPA is also used to control woolly beech aphid in tree nurseries. The product is not suitable for high-growing crops. Keep in mind that, especially in greenhouses, CHRYSOPA can prey on other beneficial or biocontrol insects. Besides aphids, CHRYSOPA can also hunt other pests like mealybugs, whitefly and thrips. CHRYSOPA is mainly used for quick clearances of pest hot spots. Lacewings do not establish a population in greenhouses. Consider multiple introductions. The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 

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