Gall midge


Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Effective against many aphid species, such as potato aphid, foxglove aphid and cotton aphid

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What does APHIDEND look like? 

Adult gall midges are fragile insects of about 2.5 mm long with tall, thin legs. Females have a wingspan of 2.5-3.5 mm. Males have long antennae that are covered with hairs. Eggs are small and shiny orange-red, but difficult to find. Larvae are 0.3-3 mm in size, elongated and orange. Pupation occurs in the soil. An aphid that is killed by a gall midge hangs from the leaves by its puncturing mouthpartsturns brown or black and eventually decays 

APHIDEND Aphidoletes larva
APHIDEND Aphidoletes male
How does APHIDEND work? 

The larvae of the gall midge inject venom in the aphids, causing paralysis in the aphid so it can be fed on. When many aphids are present, gall midge larvae kill more aphids than they need for feeding. Adult gall midges do not eat aphids, but deposit eggs close to aphid colonies. They are active at night and locate their prey by following the honeydew-scent which is excreted by aphids. 

When can APHIDEND be applied? 

APHIDEND can be used to control many species of aphids in greenhouses and indoor plantings. It is especially suitable for clearing large aphid colonies. Place the opened bottle in the crop (do not spread the content of the bottle)Consider multiple introductions. The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 

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